Can’t find what you’re looking for on Google because you can’t refine your search? When there are too many similar terms, you need to apply word-specific filters so that the results are as close as possible to what you want to find. And there’s a way to do it on your mobile: with Google’s advanced search.

The Internet has not only made it easy to locate any type of knowledge, but it also makes it possible to satisfy curiosity very quickly: just open the browser, go to the search engine and perform a search. Even without the browser, Google includes its own tools inside Android. However, ideal results don’t always come out the first time; with the loss of time chaining searches one after the other, without success.

Increase the accuracy of results with advanced search

The advanced search allows you to refine the results to make them much more precise

Google includes many tricks to improve the precision and accuracy of searches. Because, even despite the enormous capacity of its AI, the search engine does not always return the most appropriate to the concepts sought. Here, the positioning work done by websites related to what you are trying to find has a big influence.

For example, if you add quotes to the words you search for in Google, the results will reflect that exact phrase (“search here”); including the URL of the page you can search in it (google There are many other search operators and tricks, as well as a way to unify everything with a single tool: advanced search.

To access advanced term localization tools, simply do the following:

Open your web browser and load the Google homepage. Scroll down, at the bottom of the page. There is a “Settings” text there, tap on it. Select “Advanced Search”. The “pro” toolset will open to locate what you want on Google. By managing the terms and variables well, you will avoid redoing the search in case the results are not ultimately concrete.

Text fields let you search with specific phrases, you can choose words that shouldn’t appear on websites that Google locates, or you even have the option of finding results that have sequences of numbers. You also have the possibility to search only in specific languages, in regions other than your own, Google gives you the possibility to search for specific file formats (search for PDFs, Word documents…) and also to search at inside any web.

Google’s advanced search is perfect for refining the search to avoid repeating searches until you find the exact concept. You can access it from any browser, you don’t need to use Google Chrome.