Android TV, now Google TV in the new models, is one of the most popular platforms that smart TVs are equipped with. Along with Samsung’s Tizen and LG’s webOS, it is one of the best-known and stands out for its access to many Google Play applications. The problem is when there is no space to install apps, space that we can reclaim by eliminating apps that we don’t use.

And do any models have apps that we installed and no longer use, or what is worse, pre-installed apps that we don’t care about sometimes referred to as bloatware. So let’s see how we can remove them or at least disable them so that they disturb as little as possible.

In Android TV, as in a mobile, it is possible to uninstall and deactivate applications easily. We are talking about apps that are not part of the necessary system apps anyway. So let’s see how you can uninstall apps without any further delay, whether they are installed by us or already installed apps.

Uninstall apps on Android TV

The first step is to go to the general “Settings” of the television, a menu which may vary depending on each brand. Once inside, you need to look for the “Applications” section or other similar section, either in the settings or in another submenu.

We will see a list of apps, where we can even hide or show system apps, which are the ones that cannot be touched. Typically, you’ll only see apps you recently opened first, and then a full list of installed apps.

Once the app you want to remove is located, you need to press the OK button to see its information and a menu will appear next to it with different options, one of which will be “Uninstall”.

The problem is when the option “Uninstall” does not appear, a situation that does not allow it to be eliminated. In this case, you may see the “Disable” option, a section that removes app data and hides it in the TV menus, although it continues to be on TV.

In addition, we can save space if we look at two other sections, such as “Clear data” and “Clear cache”, realizing a few megabytes which can be valuable at the cost, of course, of ending all traces. of our activity in the application.

In addition, in the “Storage used” field, we can see the size of this app and the space it occupies on our TV.