Spotify now lets you download music playlists, as well as podcasts, to Wear OS smartwatches. With a few simple steps it is possible to use the smartwatch to listen to music and without the need to connect to the Internet or the phone, we explain how to do it.

Wearing Spotify on your wrist not only ensures easy playback control, but also the ability to leave the house without the need for a phone. Now, of course, that the platform has kept this option in the draft despite the Apple Watch enjoying downloading and listening to playlists offline for the past few months. Do you have a watch with Wear OS and are you paying Spotify Premium? You are lucky.

Spotify offline for all Wear OS watches

The novelty concerns watches with the latest update for Wear OS, both in its version 3.0 (available in the Samsung Galaxy Watch4) and in devices with lower versions. We checked it on both systems and from both we were able to download the Spotify playlists to the clock.

Downloading songs is coming to Android, just as Spotify itself had planned: it is now accessible to everyone. With this novelty, it is possible to download any playlist saved on the smart watch; as long as you enjoy Spotify Premium. You need to install the app on both mobile and smartwatch and update them.

Once you have the two apps up to date, both the mobile and the smartwatch, you need to go through the following process to download the listings you want:

Open the list of apps on your watch with Wear OS and go to the Spotify app. Once you’re at the start (where the playback controls) scroll to the right screen, the one that provides access to your user’s playlists. Choose the list you want to download and enter it, always from the clock. You will see that the message “Download to watch” appears under the play icon. Click here to start the download. The process may take longer if the playlist is very long, you should take this into account. In the event that Spotify refuses to download the charts, make sure the watch is connected to a WiFi network. Then disconnect the bluetooth from the phone to force the smartwatch to download via said WiFi.

You can download as many playlists as you want, as well as podcasts, to your watch. Obviously they will take up space on your watch, you need to make sure that there is enough storage to store whatever you download.

To listen to the songs, you need to connect a Bluetooth headset to your smartwatch: you will be able to play what is recorded on your Spotify without an internet connection and without needing to carry the phone (the speaker of the watch does not work). The quality of the downloaded music should match the settings you have in the Spotify app for your phone.