Windows 11 was announced at the end of June with a release date slated for the end of the year. We’ve seen how many teams will find limits when running it, which has caused a lot of complaints. If, on the other hand, your PC is compatible, you don’t need to wait until the end of the year to see how Windows 11 works and start using it.

It is about exploiting the possibilities offered by the Windows Insider program, which allows access to versions of Windows before their release in order to correct possible bugs before they reach a greater number of users. A completely legal option and very easy to perform.

So you can start using Windows 11

The first step is, as you would expect, to find out if our team meets all the requirements to be able to use Windows 11. For this you can use the application designed by Microsoft or options such as WhyNotWin11. If our equipment is compatible, we can now continue with the necessary procedures.

Once the requirements are verified, now it’s time to join the Windows Insider program, which we can do in the “Settings” section and enter “Update & Security”, then enter the “Windows Insider Program” subsection. . At this point we click on “Start”.

We will have to choose a Microsoft account, the one we use on the computer, and choose from the three possible channels:

Development channel (development channel): Those who choose the development channel will receive the releases before everyone else. They are the first of a development cycle and will contain the latest current working code of our engineers, so they are not as polished and can cause system instability or bugs. These builds focus on improvements that will appear in future versions of Windows 11 when they are ready and may be delivered as full OS build updates or service releases. The goal is to generate the feedback needed to correct errors. Beta channel: With more polished builds than the development channel, it provides access to relatively reliable updates validated by Microsoft as well as improvements that will arrive in future versions of Windows. These versions are less buggy and will be linked to a specific next version. And the goal remains the same: to help engineers fix bugs and get them fixed before a major release. Release Preview Channel: Intended for novice users and IT professionals, it is primarily intended for enterprises to discover and validate upcoming versions of Windows 10 before large-scale deployment within their organization. These are the three channels that the Insider program will be divided into starting at the end of the month.

We will see a window with information related to some aspect of the Insider program in which we need to click “Continue”. This will be where we will need to restart the computer to start downloading the most recent version available in the channel we have chosen.

At this point, and as in a ** normal update, we can only wait. We can check the download progress in the “Update & Security” section.

At this point we can see which channel we have chosen and in case we want to quit the program at some point we have to click on a tab with the text “Stop getting preview” and thus become normal users again. Windows.