Since voice assistants are with us, there are many actions that we can perform with them. Not only do we have the ability to control home devices or schedule actions, but we can also customize their responses to surprise our family and friends.

To personalize the responses of the Google Assistant, we will only need a mobile phone that has the Google application and with our session started. In this way, any device linked to our account and equipped with the intelligent voice assistant will be able to respond according to our changes.

Steps to personalize responses in Google

To change voice assistant responses, simply follow these steps:

We open the Google application. In the top right corner, click our profile icon. Select the “Settings” section. In ‘Settings’ we go to the ‘Google Assistant’ tab. We go down a bit and select where it says “Routines”. We add our custom through the “New” button in the upper right corner. In ‘Add first item’ we select the ‘Voice command’ option and write the phrase with which we want to activate our custom command and save. Now in ‘Actions’ we click on ‘Add action’ and enter ‘Communicate and announce’. We mark the option “Say something” and write exactly what we want the assistant to tell us. Once done, we save the routine and that’s it.

After following all these steps, each time we activate the command using the phrase we said to the assistant, it will respond as we wrote in the “Actions” section. Since the routine is tied to our Google account, it will play on any phone, speaker, or device with Google Assistant functionality.

With this trick we can surprise family and friends, although voice assistants hide many more features. Here we leave you a few more for Google Nest, and others also for Alexa and Siri.