Telegram has stickers and allows users to create sticker packs for a long time, although the process was somewhat manual since you had to create the images by yourself and then pass them to the corresponding bot one by one. The latest version of Telegram allows you to import stickers from apps, and the first apps to easily create Telegram stickers have already started to appear.

Telegram 8.5.0 can import stickers from creator apps, and the first ones started thriving. We have tried several of them and we will tell you how to easily create a sticker pack for Telegram with TStick, which is the one that convinced us the most.

First steps

The first thing you’ll need is, obviously, the app to create the sticker pack. As the sticker maker API has just been released, there are still not many apps capable of creating Telegram stickers with this method on Google Play. We have, for example, Sticker Maker for Telegram, but the final export doesn’t seem to work properly.

However, applications are not lacking. Telegram has launched a competition for developers to create apps to create stickers and you can find the participants here. The top spot, shared with other apps, is for TStick, which you can download as an APK from its profile in the contest.

Tstick is a simple application since it goes to the essentials. As soon as you open it, the only button available is to create a new sticker pack. Then it’s time to add the first of the stickers by pressing the + button.

From here you can start creating your first sticker, either from scratch or by importing an image from the gallery or using the mobile camera. When importing a photo, you have the option to automatically erase the background. This is one of the points that differentiates this app from others because the background eraser works much better than in other similar apps.

After having removed -or not- the background, you can now consider the sticker as finished by pressing the Save button. Each sticker must be associated with at least one emoji, although you can assign more than one if they are relevant.

Decorate your sticker

If we talk about editing tools, Tstick has the basic ones that we usually find in this type of application. In total, you have four tools: crop, text, brush and vignette. The crop tool lets you crop the background manually, if the auto-erase didn’t work well, or if you’d rather do it yourself.

The drawing and text tools are somewhat basic, although at least you will find several fonts to choose from, being able to select the color. There are no ready made decorations or props in this application.

Export to Telegram

Repeat the steps above to add as many stickers as you want to your pack, and when you’re satisfied, tap Export to Telegram. This will open Telegram, where it will go through the process of importing the stickers you created into the app.

First, you’ll need to choose a name for the sticker pack, then it’s time to give it a unique link. Once complete, the Telegram sticker bot will notify you that your package has been created and you can start using your stickers, as well as sharing them with your friends.