In this post we will talk about How to copy and paste on Chromebook? Chromebooks are taking over control in the tech market against traditional computers. Chromebooks compete with laptops and PCs since they are portable and faster. 

Devices play a crucial role in doing your freelance or office work. Faster machines help you to become more productive during work hours.

Chrome book is an updated version of the computer system, so users can get confused while using the device . You can get your job done using laptops, buy a chrome book that offers a big screen and the proper keyboard. 

While your ordinary laptop is still roaming around the old window and mcos system Chromebook operating is attached with Linux based chrome-OS.

There are many pros of using Chromebook as it is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. All the features of Chromebook can’t be jotted down in a single article.

If you are struggling to copy and paste your content on Chromebook, our detailed guide about the Linux operating system will help you in this regard.

Methods to copy and paste on Chromebook

You’ll need to spend some time getting used to the basic commands when buying a new device since it has unique features compared to your previous computer. Copy and paste work is the necessity of every computer user, and it can revolutionise the way you work. 

The Chromebook can’t handle much work, but some small tasks can be completed within minutes, like copying and pasting. Let’s see how you can easily copy and paste using our easiest methods.

  • Use shortcut keys

Shortcuts keys are the best way to copy-paste your work on mac devices. If you do not have shortcut keys, we can help you. Take a look at this keyboard mechanism.

  1. After selecting the whole text, press and hold Ctrl +”C” to copy and paste the text press “Ctrl+V” using the same method.
  2. If you don’t have a mouse and want to select the whole text Ctrl+A key can do this job for you. It will highlight your text on your desired page.

How to copy and paste from the chrome OS menu?

If shortcut keywords seem hectic for you, you can use the contextual menu copy-paste method on your chrome book. 

How can you do that from the menu bar? Let’s take a look at an example: if you are writing something on Google Docs, keep an eye on your touchpad. The two-finger game is there to save you from using the mouse.

  • Now highlight the text and drag it till the end using the touchpad of your chrome book.
  • Click the touchpad using two fingers, and an entire menu will appear on your screen.
  • From the contextual menu, click the copy option.
  • Now you are all set to paste your text anywhere.
  • Double-tap your touchpad again, and the same menu will appear on the screen, disabling the copy option.
  • You will see an enable paste option put it anywhere you want to see your text

How to right-click on a chrome book using a trackpad?

Old device users search for the right-click button on Chromebook, but unfortunately, this option is not available. Wait, you can still right-click using Chromebook trackpad.

You can test out two different methods for right-click

  1. Hold the Alt key with the trackpad and then click the trackpad.
  2. If this option doesn’t work for you, click the trackpad using a two-finger. It is similar to scrolling Chromebook, but the difference here is you are connecting the trackpad.

How to copy and paste images on Chromebook

Suppose you edit a document you need to add images to using the copy-paste option. Chromebook allows users to copy and paste using a pointer so let’s see how we can easily copy and paste our image from one place to another.

Follow the mentioned step to copy and paste your image.

  • Hold the mouse pointer over your image and click the alt key present on your keyword.
  • Now stick to the alt key and press with the trackpad of your Chromebook.
  • The white box will appear on your screen, showing the copy and paste option.
  • Click copy using the trackpad.
  • Now. Put the image anywhere using the alt key and apply the same method of pressing the trackpad altogether.
  • Now paste your picture in the blank or on your desired location.

What to do if the copy-paste option stops working?

Copy-paste option can stop due to several reasons. You can try different methods to solve this issue.

Sometimes it happens when there is a problem with your browser settings. We recommend restoring your browser to tackle this issue.

You can clean your browser by clicking on the advanced option in settings and simply selecting the restore option to clear all the viruses.

You can copy-paste using the touch screen.

Touch Screen Method

The touch screen method is much simpler, and it’s similar to using the touchpad, but the only difference here is how you reach the context. Menu. 

Don’t worry. It’s a worry that easy long-press will help you copy and paste using Chromebook touch screen if you are copying something, long-press the screen and paste using the same method.


This article describes all the efficient methods of copying and pasting from your Chromebook. It is a very sophisticated method, and you will learn everything about it with time. We hope all these methods will surely help you tackle copy-paste issues.

Chrome book is the advancement of modern technology since it’s very lightweight and sleek in looks. The Chrome book will cost you a bit more than your old laptop, but the cool features are cherry on the top for this device. We love to listen to your tech queries. If you are facing any issue with your chrome book, let us know in the comments below 🙂

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