You can also use the PlayStation controller on your PC and mobile, in addition to the console. This was possible with the DualShock controller of the PS4 and it is also possible with the DualSense of the PS5, but with an important novelty: with Android 12 and PS Remote Play, you can take full advantage of it.

That is, if you pair a PlayStation 5 controller with Android 12, you will have access to all of its functions (vibration, touchpad, motion sensor), although if you have a previous version you can also link it, well. that without these advanced functions. We tell you how to do it.

Better with Android 12, but not essential

Finally, Android 12 is natively compatible with all the advanced functions of PlayStation controllers. It was already possible from Android Pie to connect the PS4 controller to the mobile, even if all of its features were not used, such as the touchpad or sensors. This changes with Android 12: with the latest version of PS Remote Play, you can use the controller on your mobile as well as on the console.

If you open PS Remote Play on Android 12, after signing in with your account, you will see that the message where you are prompted to pair the PlayStation wireless controller includes the PS5 controller, something that does not appear if you are using the ‘application in an earlier version. In fact, you can still link it, albeit in a basic way. All you have to do is tap on Go to Bluetooth settings.

This will take you to the mobile’s bluetooth settings, so you will be able to bind the controller, although the controller is not yet visible. To do this, you need to press the PlayStation button and the share button at the same time. Hold them down until the controller lights flash.

These lights warn you that the remote is visible and ready to be paired from other devices, such as your mobile. It will stay that way for a limited time, so if you delay going through the steps – and the light goes out – you’ll have to press the buttons again.

Back on the mobile, tap Pair new device and wait for the remote to appear in the list, which will usually have a generic name like Wireless Controller. Tap it and tap Pair. You do not need to check the box to allow access to contacts or call history.

With this, you will have the PS5 DualSense controller ready to use on your mobile and, in fact, you can use it to run on Android, if you want. However, the grace of the matter is that you connect the PS Remote app to your PlayStation, so you can use it in games wherever you are.

As we mentioned before, you can link the PS5 controller on Android 12 and earlier, but you will need Android 12 for the touchpad, vibration control, and LEDs to work, which can make it difficult to remote playback of some games.

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