How to configure Edge to use HTTPS whenever possible for safer browsing

A few days ago, we saw how Microsoft was planning an Edge enhancement that would improve security by allowing all pages they could to use the HTTPS protocol by default. An option that can already be activated in the Canary version of Microsoft’s browser.

If you are concerned about safety while browsing, the difference between accessing over HTTP or HTTPS is certainly not unfamiliar to you. A system by which computers (our computer, phone, tablet … and the rest are connected to pages using coded language, anti-invader and with greater security. A possibility that is now available from the version 92 by Edge.

How to activate the automatic HTTPS function

If you have one of the development versions of Edge that you can download from this link, you can now enable HTTPS auto-configuration in Edge, currently only in the Canary version. And as usual, we will have to use the “Flags” menu.

To enable or disable the automatic HTTPS protocol in Edge, we need to have a current version equal to 92.X.XXX.X. Once inside, we can activate it by typing in the address bar Edge: // flags to access the options menu. We can save steps by writing Edge: // flags / # edge-automatic-https.

Either way, it’s about accessing the edge-automatic-https option and we activate the option by checking the “Enabled” box. At this point, we can only restart the browser by clicking on “Relaunch”.

With this option enabled, we now go to “Settings” and in the “Privacy, Search and Services” section, look in “Security” for the statement “Automatically switch to more secure connections with automatic HTTPS” where we can choose between two options :

Switch to HTTPS only on websites that support HTTPS Always switch from HTTP to HTTPS (more connection errors may occur)

From this point on, when entering a non-protocol website address, the browser will first connect to the HTTP version and then, if possible, redirect to the one that uses HTTPS, thus increasing security. However, they already warn that if the second option is used, navigation failures can occur, so the interesting thing is to activate the first.

Via | Techdows

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