It’s now possible to change your Signal account phone number quickly and easily. After that, your account remains the same, but associated with your new phone number. In other words, all your chats, your profile picture and your account are kept.

If you want to transfer your Signal account to a new phone number, we’ll explain how to make the change. You will need the latest version of Signal and that the Signal account on the “old” number is still active.

New number, same Signal account

Signal is one of the most secure messaging apps out there, with plenty of privacy options focused on self-deleting messages. However, there are certain occasions when you will want to keep your messages, such as when you change your mobile or phone number.

When you change mobile, you must use the Transfer account option in the settings to take your conversations with you. If you change your phone number, but keep the same mobile, then you will have to use the new option already available in Signal: Change phone number in Signal.

To do this, you’ll need Signal 5.30.6 or higher – already available on Google Play – and tap on your profile picture to open the options menu. Then go to the Account section and, finally, to Change phone number in Signal.

The next step is to write the old phone number and the new phone number on the form. The old number must be set up and working on the Signal account, and the new number must be able to receive texts or calls, in order to get the verification code.

After receiving the verification code, it remains only to put it in the form, and the account will change its number, but it will keep everything else. Everything remains the same: profile photo, chats and groups included, with the only difference that said account is associated with a different telephone number.

A notice appears that you have changed the phone number for other people

If everything went well, Signal shows you a window indicating that your phone number has been changed. Chats will still be there, but people who have an open chat with you will get a notice that you’ve changed your phone number (also in shared groups).

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