In the Home app we manage all HomeKit accessories in our house. Given so many buttons and options, it is important that the appearance of the app is as visual as possible. For this reason, the House app gives us the possibility to customize the icons of the accessories, which is highly recommended.

A clear icon for each of our accessories

As in many other areas of technology, home automation is there to make it easier for us to perform certain procedures, not to make them difficult. Therefore, it is essential to be able to place an icon that clearly allows us to identify the accessories that we want to control quickly and comfortably. With this in mind, Apple offers us several options so that, if for example we have a lamp plugged into a smart socket, we see the icon of a light and not a generic socket.

Changing the icons of accessories in the Home application of our iPhone or iPad is very simple, the exact steps to follow are as follows:

We open the House app on our iPhone or iPad. We locate the accessory that interests us in the Home tab or in the different rooms. We stay pressed on the accessory that we want to edit. We touch the little wheel at the bottom right of the pop-up. We touch the icon that appears on the left side of the name, at the top. We choose one of the options available to us. We press OK.

On Mac, the steps are practically the same. The only difference is in step three, where instead of holding down, we click secondarily and choose Show Orders.

It may seem that there is no need to customize the icon for different accessories, but the truth is that this little detail will help us to perform certain actions in a much more comfortable and simple way.

In the end, as we said at the beginning, home automation technology is there to facilitate certain activities, so as not to have to dig into dozens of buttons to turn on the kitchen light. While it’s also true that a simple request to Siri is even simpler, “Hey Siri, make me breakfast,” well, maybe not this one yet. In future versions.