As with Android-based phones, Android TV devices offer similar customization capabilities. A feasible option due to the possibility that we have to change the launcher and stop using the one that is activated by default.

In this way we get a new interface and a new design for all the menus of our TV. Android TV allows you to install applications from the Google Play Store and launchers are no exception to this possibility. We will now see how to install them in a few steps.

Change the interface used by default

Android TV allows you to change the design of its interface and for this the use of a launcher is essential. A process that can vary depending on the device used, being easier in some than in others.

The easiest process is to download a launcher from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you need to click on the start button on the remote and at this point the system should ask you if you want to choose the newly downloaded launcher or the interface that comes with your default device.

Choose the new launcher and check the “Always” option to make the TV default to the downloaded launcher.

In case your TV does not allow you to change the launcher by this method, you must go to the “Settings” of Android TV and enter the “Applications” section.

Click “See all apps” and find the “Show system apps” section.

Among all those that appear in the list, you must find “Android TV Home” to access its options menu. At this point, click on “Remove default actions”.

With this what you do is tell the TV not to use the default system interface and now you can press the home button again and Android TV should ask you if you want to use the launcher you have downloaded or the Android home application. Android TV used by default.

The best pitchers

When it comes to changing the look of your TV, on Google Play you can get your hands on a series of quite interesting launchers. Of all of them and as the subject of taste is very personal, I have selected those which seem to me the most interesting.


The latest to arrive on Google Play is at the same time one of the most interesting. We are talking about FLauncher, a launcher that allows you to change the interface of your TV. A free, ad-free and highly customizable open source application.

It allows you to organize the apps installed on the device, establish categories for the apps, change the wallpaper and it works great.


Best TV Launcher 2

Top TV Launcher 2 is another application that allows you to change the screen appearance of your Android TV device. Like the previous one, it allows you to customize the grid, change the wallpaper and also supports widgets. The difference is that Top TV Launcher 2 is paid. It is priced at 3.09 euros, although there is a trial version.

Best TV Launcher 2

Developer: DXIdev Download it from: Google Play Price: Free Category: Personalization


A somewhat special launcher. Beyond customization, where it allows changing interface colors, backgrounds and other aesthetic details, this launcher has its strength in that it allows using applications that are not officially compatible with Android TV. This launcher for Android TV is free in exchange for ads which, yes, can be disabled for free.

Google TV Launcher

Developer: Ito Akihiro Download on: Google Play Price: Trial version Category: Personalization

Simple TV Launcher

Simple TV Launcher lets you see in the name what it offers. We are faced with a simple launcher where we can only see the applications that we have installed without other add-ons that distract us. It’s not as customizable as the previous ones, but it’s a launcher that seeks simplicity above all else.

Simple TV Launcher

ATV Launcher

ATV Launcher is one of the most popular launchers. A highly customizable app launcher, optimized for D-Pad navigation. It supports the use of custom widgets, the ability to change the color and background of menus, or even change the format of icons, among others. And it’s also free.

ATV Launcher