El pasado mes de junio Google anunció algunas de las novedades que iban a llegar a Android Auto para este verano, y ahora sabemos que from ahora la compañía quiere probar algunas de las futuras novedades en un reducido de usuarios antes de lanzarlas oficialmente para everybody. And for that, they launched the new beta testers program.

With the launch of Android Auto Beta, beta testers will be able to help Google design an improved version of Android Auto, sending them feedback with suggestions for Google to apply the improvements in their next versions before they reach version. stable application. .

How to sign up for the Android Auto beta

If you want to test the next Android Auto news for your compatible mobile and car before everyone else, you can sign up for the Android Auto Beta Tester now. To do so, you just need to follow these steps:

Go to the page to participate in the Android Auto beta test. Select Become a tester. Open the Play Store and update the Android Auto app to the beta version.

From that moment on, you will be one of the first people to receive new versions of Android Auto to test its future features and improvements. Of course, Google is reporting that some beta tests may be less stable, so there may be some features that may not work properly, which is most normal when using a beta.

Google is also asking beta testers not to disclose or share any features they test in their betas before they stably reach the general public, but I doubt that is being honored.

With the launch of Android Auto Beta, Google also reminds us that we can also test the betas of Google Maps, Waze, the Google application and the Google Messages application, compatible applications which through their trial versions will also add new features to test in Android Auto.

Via | Android Police
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