The Messages application is the center of our communication as well on the iPhone, the iPad or the Mac. It is therefore normal over time that a considerable amount of information, photos, videos, audio files, accumulates. etc. This requires regular cleaning or automating the deletion of old conversations.

Automate necessary cleaning

The Messages app can take care of deleting messages, regardless of redundancy, after a certain time since we receive or send them. This ensures that, without losing sight of the conversation, the oldest history will not take up space on our devices. Activating this option is very simple, the steps to follow are as follows:

We open the Settings app on our iPhone or iPad. We enter Messages. We tap on Keep messages. We choose between 30 days, 1 year or Always. When asked if we want to delete the oldest messages, we tap on Delete.

Thanks to this system, messages exceeding one month or one year will permanently disappear from the Messages app on all our devices. A very useful feature especially if we usually receive or send large files which over time accumulate in the application.

A very simple system to optimize the space of our devices without having to do manual cleaning. Obviously, we can continue to delete any conversation in a specific way, but for those that we still have in the app, even set at the top, we will know that we will not accumulate messages beyond a month or so. one year.

Image | Paul Hanaoka