Microsoft has added new features to its Edge browser. Improvements currently available to users testing Edge Canary or Edge Dev on version 94.0.987.0 and later. Improvements that affect the scroll bar, which now integrates better with the aesthetics of Windows 11.

Microsoft introduced a new scroll bar design that it now calls “stacked scroll bars”. An improvement which is disabled by default and which you can activate with the well-known “flags” menu by following the steps below.

A more current appearance

To activate the new scroll bar, you must enter Edge Canary after installing the latest available version and access the “flags” menu by typing edge: // flags in the browser bar.

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Once the “Windows Style Overlay scrollbars” option is located, you must check the “activated” box and restart the browser by clicking on the button at the bottom right of the screen.

Restarting the browser will implement the new feature, with a scroll bar that now looks more modern and functional.

Keep in mind that all of this news will be making the jump to Edge in the stable release, and even if you use the stable release, you can use Edge seamlessly in any of the three development channels to test the improvements and new features. Microsoft publishes.

Via | Windows Central