It’s not that Android Auto has too many settings in the app (and far fewer on the car screen), but it does offer some settings with which to customize the experience to a minimum. Moreover, it offers developer settings that modify the system to some extent. And there is a way to deepen the modification; although yes, the requirement is high: to be ROOT.

Having a car compatible with the phone makes journeys much more entertaining, and also safer: platforms like Android Auto are designed to interact with the mobile phone without having to hold it in your hand; which avoids distractions (in addition to fines). What do you have of Android Auto and do you want to modify it in depth? With AA AIO TWEAKER, you can even test the new interface that Google is preparing. If you have ROOT, it is worth knowing about AA AIO TWEAKER.

Drastically changes the appearance of Android Auto

New Android Auto interface unlocked thanks to AA AIO TWEAKER

Google doesn’t offer too many user-level tweaks, it widens the room for developers a bit more and allows for a wide range of changes if the app’s internal code is changed. Of course, Android Auto doesn’t allow these notifications; you can therefore only access it if you are an administrator on the phone. Or what amounts to the same: ROOT access is required.

Changing any aspect of Android Auto’s internal code can prevent the system from behaving as it should, you should take this into account. This is all the more difficult in an environment where the car is added to the equation: any failure in the performance of Android Auto could lead to fatal distractions. Act with the utmost caution.

To modify Android Auto, you must access the system’s databases to modify those called “flags”, experimental functions that are currently being tested. The AA AIO TWEAKER application makes it easy since it performs these changes without having to fight with databases: its graphical interface allows you to activate and deactivate what you want simply by clicking on the buttons.

Activating the new Android Auto interface after unlocking it with AA AIO TWEAKER

AA AIO TWEAKER is an open source project available on the GitHub of Gabriele Rizzo, its developer. To use it on your mobile, you must do the following:

Remember: it is essential that your phone is rooted. Go to the AA AIO TWEAKER page and download the latest APK on the Android mobile that you are going to use with your car. Install and open AA AIO TWEAKER. You will need to allow access to the root of the system from the application with which you manage this authorization. Tweaks available with AA AIO TWEAKER on a rooted Samsung Galaxy S5

The list of modifications offered by AA AIO TWEAKER is very high and is constantly updated. You can try the ones you need by activating the specific buttons; then to execute the change in Android Auto you need to restart the phone. Once connected to the car, the changes will appear on the vehicle screen.

Restart the rooted mobile for the changes made in Android Auto to take effect

Rooting the usual mobile is not the most recommended: our recommendation is that in case you want to try the changes, you ROOT another Android that you have at home and use that one to test with AA AIO TWEAKER. You can even keep this phone in the glove compartment of the car to have it handy when traveling, for example.