As the owner of several HomePods and HomePod minis at home, I must confess that I have never used them on high power. And it’s not for lack of desire, but because in my case and in an apartment where I’m surrounded by neighbors, it can be annoying. And to try to solve this aspect, Apple speakers have a function to reduce the bass.

In my case, the HomePods offer a lot of power that I may not be able to take advantage of and that’s why I find the bass reduction function interesting. An option that prevents this type of sound from being annoying for the people who live with us and even for the neighbors.

So as not to disturb the neighbor and the family

Although the first step to do not disturb is usually to lower the speaker volume, another solution is to reduce the bass of the content we are playing at the time. This allows you to continue enjoying at a suitable volume and at the same time have less punchy sound.

Lowering the volume isn’t always an option. We can lose some of the dialogue, nuances in the music… and that’s where the HomePod can reduce the bass and therefore reduce the penetrating sound of high-pitched sounds.

To take advantage of bass reduction, we need a device with iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 and, of course, an original HomePod or HomePod mini. If we meet these requirements, here is what we must do:

We open the Home app on our iPhone or iPad. From the iPhone or iPad, we hold down the HomePod button and touch the gear-shaped buttons at the bottom right to access the “Settings”. We activate the “Reduce bass” option.

In this way, the audio calculation algorithm of HomePod or HomePod mini will take care of reducing low frequency sounds, bass, and thus limiting the sound that can disturb outside the room. Once the reduction is activated, it is easily noticeable.

If we want to activate it again, we only have to repeat the previous steps and deactivate the bass reduction once we have finished listening to music or watching that series or movie that we like so much .

Cover Image | James Yarema