We are going to teach you how to fully access the Google Play Store on Google TV so that you can manage your apps with precision. Surely you have noticed that in the applications section you can access the Play Store, but it is an incomplete menu that does not allow us to manage the applications.

Accessing the Play Store is straightforward, so we are going to teach you how to do it and walk you through everything you can do from its menu, as you might not be familiar with all the possible options.

Go to the Play Store to manage your apps

Surely you already knew that in the “Apps” section of Google TV you can see both your apps and download others, but that’s not the full menu of the Play Store. The easiest way to access the entire Play Store is to tell the Google Assistant, just say the command “Ok Google: Open the Play Store”.

There are other methods, such as installing an APK to the Chromecast or mapping the buttons to open it, but we’re going to stick with the simple solution, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Once you have opened the Play Store, you will see that in the upper right corner you have two options:

Manage apps: you can manage app updates, check all the ones you have and uninstall them. Settings: update apps automatically, manage payments and subscriptions, parental controls and information.

This Play Store menu is not that well-known, although it does something as basic as allowing us to manage parental controls, automatically update apps, uninstall apps, etc.