When our iPhone or iPad is blocked, we can continue to access some of its functions. By default, we can, for example, access the “Hey Siri” function or return a missed call. In addition, we can configure our device to be able to take notes with it from the lock screen, a very comfortable system.

Our notes always at hand

Before we start, let’s see what adjustments we need to make on our iPhone or iPad. The adjustments revolve around two questions. If when accessing notes we always create a new note or if we allow access to the newly created note for a certain time. In the first case, once the device has turned off its screen, we must create a new note without the possibility of continuing the one we have just started.

We open the Settings app on our iPhone or iPad. We enter Notes. We tap on Access with the locked screen.

If we choose the option to always create a new note since the personal information entered previously is not accessible, the system does not ask us for any additional options. Keep in mind that, if we take notes for an extended period of time, we need to prevent the screen from turning off, otherwise we will end up with our annotations split into multiple notes.

If we choose Continue last note, the system gives us several options. The first is whether we want to continue the last note created on a locked screen or whether we also allow continuing a view note in the Notes app. In the first case, we will then have to decide from when we will create a new note with this system which by default is set to After 5 minutes. If we choose to be able to continue a note that we were seeing in the Notes app when the iPhone or iPad was unlocked, the options to choose from are when the code will be requested, that is, the period maximum from which the device has been locked until the code is required. This option defaults to Immediately, although it offers other values, such as Never.

How to access Notes from the locked screen

Now that we’ve configured the app for quick access, let’s see how to access it. On iPhone and iPad, one way is to use Control Center, the other, which is only available on iPad, is to use Apple Pencil. Before we start, we need to add the option to access Notes to our Control Center. We will do this by following these steps:

We open the Settings app on our iPhone or iPad. We enter the control center. We touch Customize Orders. We touch the green “+” to the left of Notes.

Now we can block our device. Without even unlocking it, we go to the control center and click on the Notes icon. As soon as we tap on it, we will see the contents of the application appear, according to the options in the previous section, ready to be written new information. In the case of the iPad, in addition to this system, we can access with the Apple Pencil. It’s as easy as touching the tip of our pencil on the screen.

Interesting, isn’t it? Probably most of the time when we need to write something on our iPhone or iPad, we have time to unlock it to access the app, but for those times when time is of the essence, the system gives us enough options.