He-man without He-man: Teela is now the protagonist of the series | Photo: Disclosure / NETFLIX

Netflix released a new version of the popular “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” cartoon series on July 23. New version, titled “Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia”, follows in the footsteps of other reboots [N.d.T: reboot é como o pessoal moderno chama as novas versões de filmes antigos] terrible, like the 2016 remake of “Ghostbusters”.

However, when fans went to see “Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia” in hopes of seeing some ’80s-inspired fun, action, and adventure, they were deeply disappointed. The show is a mess, directed and produced by militant ideologues who would rather spread a political message than write a decent story.

For starters, although this is a reboot of the “He-Man” series, He-Man isn’t even the main character. ATTENTION, SPOILER: In episode 1 of this new series, He-Man dies. It’s not a fake or a trick: he’s really dead.

The focus then shifts from He-Man to his friend Teela, a side character from the original series who is unrecognizable in his modern take. In this version, she is a grotesque caricature of an “independent woman”, a counterpoint to the dead weight that is He-Man’s alter ego, Prince Adam.

In a broader sense, Teela’s revulsion for Adam and the shift from the background to the foreground is a representation of the revulsion of men in general, as well as in the original stories in which these characters appeared. This happens in many reboots of modern pop culture.

There is a continuing phenomenon of leftists unearthing old and beloved cultural products to use as a benchmark for distorted and radical politics. “Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia” is not the only one, it is simply the most recent example.

Check out the remake of “Ghostbusters” in 2016. Its main and, one might say, its only selling point, was that it was a remake of a popular ’80s franchise in which all the main characters were played. replaced by women. The film was announced almost exclusively on this premise, and the mainstream media were more than willing to report that it was a surprising and groundbreaking achievement.

When the film started to meet resistance from fans, the response was to pretend that the fans were sexist. The New York Times headlined the infamous “Our Take on ‘Ghostbusters’: They’re Rock.” Women are funny. Overcome It ”, which implies that any reviews of the film were based on the genre of the cast, not on a legitimate complaint about the film.

Likewise, the Washington Post stated bluntly, “People hate the ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer and, yes, that’s because the stars are women.”

The same is happening with the new “He-Man”. Fans weren’t angry as Teela, a female, is the star of the show. They are angry that a show billed as a sequel to the classic “He-Man” series doesn’t have He-Man. They were angry that when they criticized the show the response, as in the case of Ghostbusters, was to call them “toxic” and tell them to “grow up”.

This coordinated left-wing campaign to destroy cherished childhood programs and films is nothing more than just trying to ruin things for everyone. One of the ways in which Marxists infect society is to destroy the past and replace it with a new Marxist future. Mao Tse-tung did this with great success during the Cultural Revolution.

For many people, cartoons and movies like “He-Man” and “Ghostbusters” were an essential part of childhood. The amount of nostalgia and positive feelings attached to these ancient productions cannot be measured. The left recognizes the power contained in nostalgia and wants to use it for its own ends. But the reason these shows were so popular and loved is that they weren’t militant junk.

So instead of destroying the past as they would with a statue of George Washington, leftists have decided to exercise their power over culture and reclaim the “problematic” products of the past. “Listen,” they say, “He-Man was sexist, but we fixed it. Now a woman is in the lead! If you prefer the old version, you must be a chauvinist pig! “

As the late Andrew Breitbart said, “Politics is downstream from culture,” and this manipulation of old cultural products to push the militant left-wing narrative will have consequences for the future.

With new shows and films dominated by the left, and old shows and films unearthed for radical purposes, this culture will rot and infiltrate radical American politics.

There is no simple solution to this problem. The left currently dominates the culture and will continue to corrupt the precious memories of our childhood. Perhaps, then, “He-Man” should serve as an alert. The Conservatives must not lose sight of cultural issues, otherwise we will disappear as a political philosophy.

We can still win the culture war. To use a classic phrase, “We have strength! “

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