Critical race theory could end up dividing even the US military Photo: Dragunov1981 / Pixabay

I asked my parents what they would think theoretically if I joined the military. As Americans proud of their country and having the utmost respect for the armed forces of the United States, I certainly imagined that they would have no problem with this.

To my surprise, my mother’s first words were: “With the direction this country is taking, what remains to be defended?”

These words hit me hard. I knew she had no doubts about American values ​​or the importance of military service. Instead, he espoused a perspective preoccupied with the future of the United States, envisioning a world where its supremacy would be attacked from within.

The more I reflect on your comment, the more I share your concerns, especially as I observe the growing popularity of critical breed theory. This hateful ideology preaches against American principles and could undermine the future of the United States military.

Critical race theory postulates that the United States is systematically racist. It stems from Marxist ideology because it divides people into groups of oppressors and oppressed, based on their race. Making race central to everything, the adoption and teaching of a critical theory of race leads to institutionalized and state-sponsored racism.

This is contrary to the principles that have founded the country since its inception: the aim was to create a land of opportunity. According to the preamble to the Declaration of Independence, all men were created equal, with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Although the country has not always incorporated these principles throughout its history, the relentless search for these truths has saved it from the abyss of slavery and racism. The country passed constitutional amendments to ensure fairness and also outlawed racial discrimination with support from both sides of the political spectrum.

However, critical race theory would reverse the progress the country has made. This theory teaches that some people deserve preferential treatment based on their skin color, while other races should be punished. Ironically, this sounds like the racism he claims to extinguish.

These teachings have become a controversial issue within the US military.

The Navy’s must-see list includes books on critical race theory and identity politics. What is even more worrying is that the military has not been receptive to opposing arguments.

In May, Lt. Col. Matther Loheimer was dismissed from command of a US special forces unit for expressing a different opinion on the military teachings of critical race theory.

Many Americans see the dangers of this ideology. Tom Cotton, Republican Senator from Arkansas, and Dan Crenshaw, Republican Representative from Texas, launched a liaison channel in May for serving military personnel to report critical race theory in their “diversity training” programs. They have received hundreds of messages.

As Heritage Foundation researcher Dakota Wood explains, “Success in combat depends on the cohesion and competence of the forces involved. […] Critical race theory and other similar concepts of division destroy this.

This theory pervades the American school system as well. She teaches future leaders of the country – and potential soldiers – that some classmates are bad because of their skin color.

The military have sworn to defend the Constitution and the United States, to the point of endangering their lives. Why would a young man do this when he is taught that his country is inherently bad?

As military recruiting continues to decline, this concern is heightened further. Fewer people are looking for a career in military service. Those who do are brainwashed by racist ideology.

The country must return to its founding principles in culture, the army and education. It is necessary to restore the understanding of the fundamental values ​​of the country. This will determine the future of national security.

Young people need to be taught that there is something worth fighting for. Otherwise, there is no way to explain the path the country is heading for.

Consider my mother’s warning. Rest assured that there will be something for your child to advocate for. Critical race theory threatens the integrity of the republic. It is necessary to prevent this from getting out of hand.

Kaitlyn Romaine is a student at the College of the Holy Cross.

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