At Apple, they devote a lot of resources to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their condition, can use the company’s devices with equal ease. This translates into some great accessibility options which, while they tend to go quite unnoticed in presentations, are ready to facilitate various procedures. One of the new features of iOS 15 is the ability to increase or decrease the text size of any application individually.

Changes to some applications without affecting the rest of the system

As technology evolves, it becomes more inclusive. Some time ago, it was unthinkable that people with certain visual or motor difficulties could make the same use of the devices and with the same ease. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 both pursue a line of action in which Apple, without announcing it with much fanfare in presentations, is implementing more and more accessibility news. The one that concerns us allows us to change the font size of different applications without affecting the rest of the system.

The setting is very simple, although in the event that we need to do it both on our iPhone or iPad, we will have to do it independently, since the setting is not synchronized. That being said, the exact steps are as follows:

We open the Settings app on our iPhone or iPad. We are entering accessibility. We tap on Settings by application. We tap on Add an application. We choose the application that interests us. We are touching this app in the personalization list. We are dealing with the larger text. We adjust the font size to suit us.

Easy no? Once these adjustments have been made, the application we have chosen will have already modified the size of its texts. If the app was open at the time of the adjustment, we may need to close and reopen it to see the changes.

It must be said that applications on our iPhone or iPad, in general, must follow the interface design guidelines that Apple makes available to all developers. If that were the case, all apps would have roughly the same font size, but the truth is that sometimes some apps use one that is too small or, a little less often, too large. With that in mind, being able to change the size without having to do it in general for the whole system is something that we can really appreciate a lot.

Comment, since we are talking about accessibility, that in step six we can do a lot more than reduce or increase the size of the text. From reducing transparency to increasing contrast, we have several options at our disposal.

The inclusiveness with which Apple defends many of its decisions is clearly visible in the accessibility settings of our iPhone or iPad. A section that grows year by year and is updated and updated and which offers us options as interesting as the one at hand, the one that will allow us to use certain applications in a much more comfortable way.