In 2017, Google announced Android Go, a reduced version of the robot’s operating system focused on more power-efficient terminals. Later on, the lighter Go apps started to arrive, such as Files Go, Assistant Go, Maps Go or Gmail Go. Knowing that you can install many of these apps on your mobile even if it isn’t. Android Go, the question is inevitable: how is Gmail different from Gmail Go?

Gmail Go arrived in 2018 as a lite version of Gmail, with an almost identical design but a much smaller size. Three years have passed since then, and the differences between Gmail and Gmail Go are even harder to find. If you’re hesitating between upgrading to the light version, we’ll tell you what you’ll find and what you’ll miss in Gmail Go compared to Gmail.

Lighter, but not light

Gmail Go (left) takes up less space, but is far from a lightweight app

Gmail Go’s first APK was 9MB, but it has grown since then. The latest versions of the Gmail Go APK are already around 30MB, resulting in an install size of the current app of over 100MB. A bit far from what we would call a lightweight app.

It’s not lightweight, but it’s lighter than the standard version of Gmail, which takes up about double the installed size – just over 200MB. Google has chosen to provide Gmail Go with almost all of the functionality of Gmail, so the size of the two versions of the app is ultimately similar.

Indistinguishable appearance

Gmail (right) and Gmail Go (left) are virtually indistinguishable visually

In early versions of Gmail Go, it was possible to find some small differences in appearance, such as the fact that images were not displayed to senders or a different account picker. These differences have been even more attenuated in the latest versions.

These days, Gmail Go and Gmail look pretty much the same in all of their sections: the message list, side panel, account picker, viewing an email, or composing a message. Everything is exactly the same, if we ignore that in Gmail there are animations when dragging a message, which does not appear in Gmail Go.

Cannot tell Gmail from Gmail Go

Everything is the same, although oddly enough Gmail seems to run more smoothly than Gmail Go, at least in a terminal powerful enough to move it. Gmail Go seems to suffer a bit with animations, as if it is running at a lower number of frames per second. Considering the fact that it is designed for very power strained mobiles, it is possible that it is intentional.

Parameter differences

If you want to find differences between Gmail and Gmail Go, you will have to open the settings section of the app, and even then it is necessary to refine the view to find the differences. For example, in the Gmail Go notification settings, the Notification Sounds section disappears.

However, the most important change is that there are no Chat, Rooms or Meeting tabs in Gmail Go. They are not active out of the box and you do not need to manually deactivate them. . The functionality is just not there and therefore also does not show up in the settings.

There are no Chat, Rooms, or Meeting tabs in Gmail Go

Gmail Go doesn’t miss out on basic or not-so-basic Gmail features like smart writing or smart replies, although other smart personalization features drop along the way, in part because that they are related to Gmail Chat, which is not supported by Gmail Go.

In Gmail Go settings, there is no Smart Features & Personalization or Smart Features & Personalization section in other Google products, which use content from emails, chats, and videos to personalize your experience. In Gmail it’s optional, and in Gmail Go it doesn’t even appear.

Some smart options also disappear in Gmail Go

The rest is pretty much the same, and is that over time, Gmail Go has gone from a lite version of Gmail to basically Gmail without the integration of Chat, Meet. Everything is the same, looks the same and works the same, in exchange for a slightly smaller size.

Which one is best for you

The first version of Gmail Go (left) was much different than Gmail (right), but today they are the same

In short, Gmail Go is hardly different from Gmail. The appearance is the same, and almost all of Gmail’s features are present in Gmail Go, including things like confidential emails or scheduling emails. Google has favored extending all of Gmail’s functions to both versions over other aspects such as lightness.

Yes, Gmail Go is a bit lighter, although the savings will be relative since Gmail is preinstalled on all Android phones with Google services, so the space saving by changing one app for another will be relative.

Being so similar, the best version of Gmail is probably the one that came with your mobile: if it’s Android Go, Gmail Go; otherwise, the normal version of Gmail

The main difference between Gmail and Gmail Go is that there are no Chat, Rooms, and Meeting tabs, although this is hardly a determining point in which app to use, as they can be disabled from the Gmail settings, at least for now.

The situation therefore has a simple conclusion. If your mobile is Android Go, Gmail Go is more suitable, while if your mobile comes with Gmail, there is no compelling reason to use Gmail Go instead.