In these times, it is a very good idea to use a VPN service to connect to the internet in a safe and secure way. When we install one of these services on our iPhone, iPad or Mac, the application responsible for it, in turn, installs a VPN configuration profile so that we can access the service. Some profiles which, however, are not always correctly deleted after stopping the use of the service. Luckily we can remove them manually, let’s see how.

Why delete a VPN profile?

Before explaining how to delete a connection, let’s briefly talk about when. There are mainly two situations in which we will manually delete a VPN connection profile. The first is that we have errors in the connection with the VPN service that we have contracted. In these cases, a good resource is to remove and reinstall the profile later. The other situation is that we have stopped using a VPN service and the profile continues to appear in our system, which could make it impossible to access the Internet correctly.

In both situations, deleting the profile is the best option, a very simple option as well. On our Mac, we will do it exactly like this:

From the Apple () menu, we choose System Preferences. We enter the network We touch the padlock at the bottom right and enter the Mac username and password or use Touch ID. In the sidebar we select the service we want to delete. We touch the “-” at the bottom of the list. We close the window. We choose Apply.

Meanwhile, on our iPhone or iPad, the steps to follow, although very similar in concept, are quite far in execution. These are just the following:

We open the Settings app on our iPhone or iPad. We go into the general. We touch on the VPN. We touch the “i” next to the connection we want to delete. We touch Delete VPN.

Without being essential, it is a good idea that after deleting the profile, we restart our device to ensure that the connections are correctly restored. From there we can either conclude our work or return to the application of our VPN service to reinstall the profile necessary to use the service.

The truth is that VPN connections are generally very stable and rarely give errors. Rarely however, it is far from never, so it is interesting to have at hand the method of eliminating these profiles. If we use or have used a VPN service and are experiencing extremely slow connections, errors, or simply the complete inability to access the Internet, cleaning up these small profiles is a good idea.