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Hoshoryu, the place to visit is finally led to Hakuho! ??Grand Sumo Tournament / Nagoya Place

■ 14th, Dolphin’s Arena

Former Yokozuna Asashoryu (40)’s nephew, Hoshoryu (22) = Tatsunami =, who is the fifth in front of the west, defeated Masayo Ozeki (29) = Tokitsukaze = in two consecutive places. He decided to win on the 11th day, the fastest of his own, and squinted, “I’m moving with a good feeling. I thought I’d be able to do something if I hit it and attacked before.”

Every place when I lose, the uncle who flies a whip of love from Mongolia is quiet now. Hoshoryu says, “I haven’t contacted you yet, but I think I’m watching my sumo wrestling.” ) And posted. Apparently, I’m staying in a remote area where I can’t connect to the internet.

Even if there is no whip, it is decided to win, and the first meeting of attention will finally be realized in the next autumn place. We played against Yokozuna Hakuho at the current location up to the 5th Oki Islands in the east, but Hoshoryu in the west was left with a stop. “I’ve been practicing since I was a high school student, so I’m looking forward to hitting it,” he said, aiming for Venus, but he didn’t have a chance to test his skills. Sumo has a history of changing generations with Taiho, Takanohana, Chiyonofuji, Takanohana, and Asashoryu. Is it the Asashoryu clan who gives guidance to Hakuho?


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