While 26 confirmed cases have been reported, more than 100 primary positive cases have been reported on Saturday.

HONG KONG: Health officials in Hong Kong on Saturday issued a stern warning against the spread of Covid-19 in an East Asian ‘occupational centre’. Along with this, there is also a fear of rapid spread of the epidemic, especially in densely populated areas.

Health officials in Hong Kong said they had found eight confirmed cases of COVID-18 and its various forms, while more than 100 cases were found to be of the primary positive type. The maximum number of cases were reported in three tall buildings in Kaulun caves.

“It is very difficult to trace the spread of the disease,” said Dr. Shu Aung Shuk-kwan, a senior doctor at Hong Kong’s health department. Because it is not immediately clear where it spread. He also referred to the 200 citizens living in the houses as well as the workers and those visiting the houses and said that this is the reason why there is a fear of increasing cases.

Officials closed the building on Friday and said the order would remain in force for five days. It directed residents of Hong Kong to leave only for unavoidable reasons.

The saddest part is that 3,000 such hamsters, suspected of being spread by the Chinese, especially Hong Kong’s favorite pet hamsters, have so far been killed, as 11 hamsters showed symptoms of Kovid-12 on Tuesday. In addition, schools, colleges and gyms have been closed and some international aviation cities have also been closed.