Sony is preparing an update for its next-gen console. A software update that will add different functions and improvements, the most notable being the one that allows you to use voice commands to perform different actions, from opening applications, controlling content playback or running games.

Voice control on Sony consoles is not something new. It was already present on the PlayStation 4, but in the case of the PlayStation 5, the absence lasted as long as the console shortage. Now, after a beta phase which you can sign up for at this link, voice command support will arrive.

Say “Hey PlayStation”…

The next update Sony will release for the PlayStation 5 will add support for using voice commands. A feature that will first arrive via beta for English-speaking users in the US and UK.

Along with voice control, a new option is added that allows users to launch games and other applications, as well as open the system menu and control media playback by simply saying “Hey PlayStation”. A function that is activated by default and which, for those who are more concerned about privacy, can be deactivated at will.

This will be the main improvement but not the only one, as the update will bring other new accessibility features, including the option for headphones to output audio in mono, which Sony says will benefit gamers suffering from it. unilateral hearing loss. There are also changes to how group chats work or the ability to filter games by genre, as well as keeping up to five of them on your console’s home screen for quick access.

If you want to participate in the tests and have access to the beta version of the update, you can register by going to the company’s website at this link.

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