Here’s what the new pop-up menus Microsoft is testing on Windows 10 look like and this developer managed to reveal

We’re waiting for the second big update of the year for Windows 10, and we haven’t savored the first one yet, even though it’s almost meant to be a server pack. Windows 10 Sun Valley promises to offer major changes and some, like floating menus, have already been tested.

Users who can access versions released in development channels access improvements before they reach the global version and one of those improvements is floating menus. An interface that a user has successfully activated in advance.

Floating and curved menus

And it is that the new design is there but not in view of everything. And one of the first aperitifs comes in the form of floating menus. These are context menus that are not related to the application or button with which they were created and which can be located all over the screen.

Although Microsoft is already testing them on Windows 10, for now they remain hidden, but not for everyone. A developer named Dan managed to activate the new look in the context menu.

👀A part of Sun Valley in ShellExperienceHost? Swap the JumpListRestyledAcrylic visibility to be visible and reduce the JumpListAcrylic and SystemItemsAcrylic border.

– Dan (@TheXamlGuy) April 22, 2021

To do this, you had to enable the Acrylic JumpListRestyledAc experimental flag, debug ShellExperienceHost.exe, and configure JumpListRestyledAc Acrylic to display it as visible in Visual Studio.

With these changes, the appearance obtained is that which appears in the images accompanying the article. A context menu linked to Edge and “File Explorer” that appears separately from the taskbar.

The floating menu also reveals another of the changes in the design that will come with Sun Valley, since now the corners lose their angles and become rounded, achieving a much more harmonious and elegant appearance.

This design is expected to reach much of the apps built into Windows 10 in a way that dramatically changes the overall look of the operating system.

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