The Mac Pro has been the “laboratory mouse” of many, and beyond testing it as a cheese grater. A youtuber wanted to test his performance by taking something that we all experience at the limit. Jonathan Morrison posted a video on his YouTube channel opening a total of 6,000 tabs in Google Chrome, on a Mac Pro with 1.5TB of RAM.

Neither rendering nor complex code: you can saturate a Mac Pro based on Chrome tabs

Before starting the challenge, the youtuber used editing programs such as Final Cut, the Automator application and TIDAL. During the challenge, it started opening hundreds of Google Chrome tabs, consuming a total of 75 GB of RAM. Finding that it didn’t put a strain on the computer, Morrison decided to open as many tabs as possible in the browser, in order to test the performance of the Mac Pro.

After opening 6,000 Chrome tabs, the video shows how the RAM is approaching the limit, hitting a figure of over 1,450 GB. Next, the youtuber tries to close a single instance of Chrome that is not loading, then force browser to close completely, realizing how he immediately freed up the 1.4TB of RAM.

Since we usually like to push things to the limit, it’s only natural that we want to remember what the maximum configuration of the mighty Mac Pro 2019 is. Well, the maximum configuration of the equipment that costs $50,000 includes the following components:

12 x 128GB RAM slots up to 1.5TB supported 2 x 2TB SSD 28-core Intel Xeon W processor 2 x AMD Radeon Pro Vega II GPU Apple Afterburner Apple Pro Display XDR accelerator card Keyboard support Apple Pro Display XDR Magick and Magic Trackpad

It is important to keep in mind that this is the maximum configuration of the equipment, so users can choose to choose smaller configurations, to take home a terminal for the price of 6,000 dollars. Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to open as few Chrome tabs as possible.

Picture | simon hrozian