In honor of Black History Month which begins in a few days, Apple has released a new braided Solo Loop band for Apple Watch and a new watch face. Entitled Unity Lights, this dial uses the colors of the unity logo and is now available on our watches.

A face that’s newer than it looks

Via a notification (and also via a press release) Apple announced the availability of this new sphere. A very minimalist dial that uses the analog hands of the watch to display a striking color gradient.

Apple says this watch face was created using 2D ray tracing, a technology we’ve never seen in a watch face before. Using this system, each pixel on the Apple Watch screen can simulate “light and shadow passing through it as the movement of the clock hands simultaneously reveals and hides the light, dynamically changing throughout. of the day”.

A sphere that we can configure both with a black and white background and also in full screen or with the circular dial. With four complications and space for minute marks, this dial is meant to accompany the new Black Unity Braided Solo Loop and its curious design, a bracelet that is currently only available from the US store.

It’s one more micro-event that Apple is planning to celebrate Black History Month. Along with these new features, the company has planned an activity challenge for the Apple Watch, as well as highlighting some related content on podcasts, Apple Music and more.