Here’s how to enable ClearType, the feature to improve screen visibility unique to Windows 10

Microsoft is still working on future improvements to Edge, and the latest feature it’s testing is called ClearType. An option which for the moment is exclusive to computers which use Windows as an operating system and which seeks to improve the readability of texts on the screen.

With the increase in telecommuting, more users need to read documents and information on screen and help improve the process, which is what ClearType is looking for. An improvement for Windows 10 that also doesn’t come on its own, as they are also testing a new menu in the Edgebar for actions with tabs.

Text is now more readable

And from ClearTYpe, this function seeks to improve the readability of text on the screen in Edge by making said text clearer and sharper and therefore less blurry. To enable ClearType, we need to enter the “Run” box in Windows 10, type cttune.exe and press “Enter”.

Initially and with the Canary version in build 91.0.862.0, ClearType could be enabled using the Windows 10 “flags” menu, but with build 91.0.863.0 it is gone and that is why it must be enabled via the “Execute” “box.

In the process, the system displays different texts on the screen in a maximum of five steps, where we will have to select those that we consider to be the best. At the end, the system tells us that the screen is calibrated.

A new menu for tabs

With ClearType, Microsoft Edge saw the arrival of a new menu of actions for the use of tabs. A shortcut to make it easier to use vertical tabs, workspaces, and collections with a new tab action menu that makes it easier to manage vertical tabs and collections.

This new menu replaces the vertical tabs button with a new shortcut that offers a new menu of actions to facilitate access to vertical tabs, collections and workspaces.

An improvement that Microsoft is only testing on certain users, so it could be that even if you have the Canary version of Edge installed, you still don’t see it reflected on your computer.

Via | TechDows

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