The month of January 2022 will be remembered in the history of video games. First, Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard. And then it’s Sony who takes up the gauntlet and stays with Bungie studios, creators of the famous Halo game saga. These have always been a symbol of Xbox identity, but few remember that the first Halo was unveiled at an Apple event.

When the future was OpenGL on PowerPC

It happened at Macworld 1999 on July 21, when an enthusiastic Steve Jobs talked about the benefits and potential of the OpenGL engine for developing games on the Mac platform and its “all-new” 400MHz G3 chips. At this same event, we also saw for the first time the design in translucent and green tones of the PowerMac G3.

Steve gave way to Bungie co-founder Jason Jones, who showed off a real-time rendered trailer from a Mac of what would be the first Halo game. Now we see it and we can laugh, but back then those graphics that you can see in the video caused surprise and applause from the audience.

‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ wasn’t the first game Bungie worked closely with Apple on. The company already had its popularity thanks to the saga of “Marathon” games, which can be considered precursors to Halo. In fact, there are so many references to elements of Marathon in the Halo games that one could consider the two titles to share the same universe. Today you can enjoy all of the Marathon on the iPad.

22 years later, Halo has gone from a Mac-exclusive release to one of Xbox’s icons. And now that tech companies have started buying major video game studios, Sony has decided to stick with Bungie in order to somehow counter the pressure from Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. I’m sure Jason Jones must have smiled remembering that.

Picture | Wikipedia