With the arrival of Amazon Echo devices in Spain, many users have been encouraged to get one of these devices. Whether it’s a “normal” Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot or Echo Spot, with each of them we can turn our home into a smart home. We just need to have wifi and adequate coverage.

For testing with Alexa, I use an Amazon Echo Spot that I have in the main room, as an alarm clock on the bedside table. It’s the point of being able to control all the connected devices I have at home, although now I’m going to focus on the two connected bulbs with which I made use of a Black Friday offer. we start

Download the app

First of all, we must download the corresponding application, which in this case are two. First the device, in this case the SmartLife app from the Tuya brand (the other bulb I bought is TP-Link and the app is Kasa) then Alexa for the device we will be using as a configuration source. I used an iPhone XS, although I also tried the same process with a Galaxy Note 9 and it pretty much traced.

We start with the proprietary application and we will connect with the light bulb. Alexa will come later. The timing depends on the brand, but there are not many differences between them. We place the bulb in the lamp with the precaution that it is lit and that it has current. It will flash to indicate it is ready for pairing. If not, we can reset it by turning the light off and on three times.

Here are two necessary steps: on the one hand, activate the Bluetooth of our device for the link and, on the other hand, connect the device to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, since they generally do not work on the 5 GHz.

With these precautions, once linked, it will ask us to enter the password of our Wi-Fi, to which the bulb will connect.

Once “hooked” to the network, the app checks for any pending firmware updates to download. The process takes very little time and once updated (if necessary) we can start using it normally, but for now only through the application.

Configure Alexa

We enter the Alexa app, which we have already downloaded and through which we interact with the Amazon Echo device in service.

In the left area we access the “Skills” or routines panel and download and activate the one that corresponds to the brand of the device we want to add. In this case it is “Smart Live”, the same as with the other bulb we will use “Kasa”. This is the first stage and now we are facing the second.

In the lower area we see five shortcuts, of which we will examine the last, the fifth, which offers a house shape with switches. Clicking on it opens a new screen in which we will see the accesses to add new devices or control those that we already have.

Click on the “+” symbol and follow the steps. We can choose the device we want to add by brand or by type. Since our brand does not appear in this case, we select “light” and in the same list we press “other”.

All that remains is for Alexa to detect our device, which may take a few seconds and in my case two attempts. When it “finds” it on the network, it adds it to the list of available devices and we can check it by clicking on the button corresponding to the type of device we have added.

To verify that we have completed the process, we will click on “lights” and we will see how our light bulb is already added.

Now it displays the same functions as the brand’s original app; We can change the color, brightness, turn the light on and off, etc., and all this through the same mobile app from anywhere or using voice commands with Amazon Echo or the Alexa app on the smartphone.