When we are going to look for a new application or a new game for our Android device, it is very important to consult their ratings and reviews, because thanks to the opinions of the users we can decide which application or which game we are going to download from the Play Store among all the alternatives. .

In the nearly ten years of Google Play’s existence, Google Play has used the same system for app ratings and opinions, but that will change at the end of next year. Google Play is going to apply some changes to make ratings and reviews more useful and reliable.

Ratings and reviews tailored to you and your device

Right now, when viewing an app or game’s rating or score, the Play Store displays the average of all reviews from around the world, regardless of country and device. All it does so far is display reviews in our language, but we’ll see more changes soon. Google Play will distinguish ratings and reviews by country and device.

This is a change that many users and developers have been asking Google for years, because sometimes the ratings of one domain can negatively affect other domains due to a bad translation or an error that did not affect. only one country, or when an error that only affects mobile phones also lowers the score on tablets.

To address this issue, Google Play will personalize the ratings and reviews experience, and will do so with a series of improvements that will be released over several quarters:

From November 2021: Phone users will start seeing their country-specific ratings. Early 2022: Users of other form factors, such as tablets, Chromebooks, and watches, will start seeing reviews specific to the device they’re on.

So when we look at the ratings and reviews of an app for our watch soon, we will see the ratings and reviews that have been made on the watch version of that app and by users in our country. The valuation of this watchmaking application will no longer be distorted by the opinions of the mobile version.

This change will also allow us to know the most popular and top rated apps and games in our country by not averaging with everyone. These changes may therefore penalize the evaluation of applications which are not translated into our language.

Developers will also see this news in the Play Store console, where they will soon be able to see the ratings for each type of device in their stats. This will allow them for what type of devices they have to improve the experience. Plus, your new stats will be more flexible so you can select more time periods to see how your grades have changed over time.

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