Microsoft continues to make improvements to its brand new operating system. So these days we have seen how the Mail and Calendar or Clippings utility has been updated like the Clock app has done now, which adds a new anointing that they have come to call “Focus Sessions” “or what is the same,” Sessions of Concentration “.

This is a new feature that is being rolled out gradually, so it may still take a few hours for it to appear as available in updates to the “Microsoft Store” application. You can try clicking “Get Updates” in case you have it already ready to download.

In search of maximum productivity

Once the “Clock” app has been updated, it is no longer called “Clock and Alarms”, we will have to register with our Microsoft account and we will see how a new section appears first, just above “Timers “. It’s called “Focus Sessions” and it’s an option that she seeks to promote our productivity.

We can establish 30 minute periods with a timer in which we want to achieve maximum performance in what we are working on. This tool is merged with Spotify and Microsoft To-Do and seeks to make it easier for us to achieve the daily goals we have set for ourselves with the ability to listen to music or synchronize our tasks.

With “Concentration Sessions” we can, for example, mark a task that we have in To-Do and choose Spotify music (we only have to give permissions and synchronize our account), marking this kind of “stopwatch “to run it. In addition and to take care of one’s health, one can establish rest time intervals of 5 minutes between each period of concentration.

In addition, Microsoft has established with “Focus Sessions” the possibility of improving daily habits by allowing users to set a daily goal that they can try to overcome in new sessions. This is possible by saving a history that can be deleted, yes, in the configuration of the tool.

In addition, and to avoid having this huge window occupying the whole screen or in the background that prevents us from seeing the progress, the tool allows to minimize it so that it appears as a floating widget on any what app we have opened in in order to monitor our progress.

If you are testing Windows 11 in the latest version, you can check if you have the “Clock” app update ready to access the “Concentration Sessions” feature and if it still does not appear, it is a matter of hours before you have it as available.