Realme debuts wireless charging for smartphones with MagDart, a magnetic system that aligns the base with the phone to increase efficiency and reduce temperature. This MagDart will offer two types of chargers: a round Apple MagSafe, 15 W, and an ultra-fast wireless charger that integrates a fan and reaches 50 W.

The wireless charging war is no longer just about power to reduce phone time on the base, now we are witnessing a crusade to come up with advanced accessories to take advantage of induction coils. Apple was the first to introduce magnets to align devices, there’s the iPhone 12’s MagSafe. And Realme has officially introduced its version for Android: MagDart.

MagDart: two types of charger, maximum power and accessories to extend the experience

Realme 50W MagDart

The leaks pointed to a Realme replica of Apple’s MagSafe, unsurprisingly the name of MagDart, previously registered in Europe, is too similar to the iPhone 12’s MagSafe. With the first leaked chargers we had already seen that the smaller ones kept a very similar design. at Apple’s proposal. Now, with the official presentation, Realme has taken its ambition to bring wireless magnetic charging to Android much further.

MagDart is now official, also its first two wireless chargers: one round and 15 W and the other square, with a fan and a power that reaches 50 W. In addition. Realme has introduced a number of magDart compatible accessories, such as a rear torch that takes advantage of reverse induction charging to power a set of 60 mini LEDs.

The Realme Round wireless charger is thinner than the MagSafe (3.9mm) and offers 15W of charging. It anchors to the back of the phone (the first will be the Realme Flash) to revive a 4,500 mAh battery in about 90 minutes.

15W Realme MagDart

The square MagDart offers a fan to dissipate excess temperature, it is not in vain that it reaches 50 W of power. It is capable of recharging a 4,500mAh battery in 90 minutes and reaches a thickness of 23.5mm.

Accessories for Realme MagDart

MagDart will be available on some of the next Realme phones, such as the highly anticipated Realme Flash. In addition, the company offers a case compatible with the Realme GT, so you can enjoy the benefits of wireless magnetic charging.

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