Huawei continues its momentum to become completely independent of the majority software services, also in the management of maps and routes: Petal Maps, a tough rival of Google Chrome, goes up a notch with the 2.2 update. Huawei improves full offline maps, expands virtual navigation to most territories, and includes voice search, among other new features. It’s one of my favorites, and not just on the Huawei mobile.

Having a map app on the phone was a huge step forward in route management. The “Do you know how to get to such a place?” changed by opening the Maps app on the phone, positioning yourself using GPS and searching for the specific location. Google was the main architect of the revolution, but it is not the only reference: Petal Maps is an excellent alternative to the colossus Maps.

Petal Maps stands out as an alternative to Google Maps

Huawei is making every effort to overcome the setback received by the US veto. And, although the hardware has been significantly affected (the Huawei P50 Pro is a good example), the opposite is happening at the software level: the shortcomings push the brand to turn to development. Its partnership with TomTom is a big boost for Petal Maps.

Huawei’s map application is constantly evolving. And with each update it makes a big leap forward, the most recent is a good example: Petal Maps brings substantial improvements to the application. And they are not cosmetic, just take a look at the changelog:

Offline maps. Petal Maps enhances your offline maps by allowing you to download a basic or full global map and any region. virtual browsing. The navigator allows you to preview the route as if it were in motion. It is valid for vehicles and also for pedestrian routes. It even shows the calories that should be consumed while walking. Railway guidance. Petal Maps distinguishes the different lanes of highways and highways; allowing you to better guide and warn of lane departures. Voice search. The app lets you locate places using your voice. The function at the moment does not appear in the application. Layer of fire. Huawei shows the fires on the ground with a new “featured map”. It can be activated from the layers icon, at the top left of the screen. More information on the establishments. This is a key point for Petal Maps since this is where Google Chrome has become strong. And Huawei already offers what everyone needs to find a nearby establishment: recommendations, promotions, user reviews, photos and contact details.

If you haven’t tried Petal Maps and are looking for a good alternative to Google Maps that even allows you to download a full map without having to cut out an area, the Huawei Maps app is getting better and better. Free, valid for mobile phones with Android 7 and higher and without advertising. In case it doesn’t seem to be updating, you can download the APK from APK Mirror.

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