Here are the camera and screen improvements Microsoft is releasing with the latest version of Windows 10

While waiting for the arrival of the spring update of Windows 10, it is the branch 21H2 or what is the same, Sun Valley, the one that arouses the most expectations. It seems that for this renovation most of the improvements are reserved, such as those that can already be tested against the camera and the screen.

This is what version 21354 offers, among which improvements that can already be tested include these new commands for display settings as well as new options in webcam settings.

Camera and display improvements

Windows 10 version 21H2 comes with screen enhancements and we now have a new option that allows you to turn off “Content Adaptive Brightness Control”, a measure that saves power and reduces backlighting depending on the content you are using. we visualize.

To deactivate this function, enter the “Configuration” menu and in the “System” section click on “Screen” to move the selector to the “Content Adaptive Brightness Control” field.

There are also changes made to the camera in Windows 10 during setup. In case more than one camera is connected to the system, starting with Build 21354 we will be able to find a list of all available cameras and adjust the brightness and contrast.

To access this enhancement, you must enter “Settings”, find the “Devices” section and enter “Camera”. When choosing the camera we want to configure, we will see the “Configure” button with access to additional functions to modify the brightness and contrast.

In addition, regarding Windows camera settings, it also allows camera rotation, improving video call quality by enabling “HDR” and enabling or disabling Eye Contact feature.

And although it is not available at the moment, in future compilations the possibility will be enabled for the system to notify us if the camera is accessible from a third-party application or the result of a message received by email. This is a way to improve the privacy control of the webcam since if it is in use, the Windows 10 taskbar will display an alert icon and the name of the application having access to the webcam. camera.

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