Augsburg (dpa) – Extravagant, quirky and a little crazy: entertainment artist Helge Schneider (65, “cat toilet”) likes to polarize and is not stingy with his opinion.

In Augsburg, the musician could no longer contain himself during a concert and expressed his anger at the restaurant staff who served the audience: “I have to say that it really pisses me off. I don’t want to anymore, ”he said on Friday night, interrupted his show and suddenly left the stage.

“So I’m going to stop the beach chair concerts at this point. I am really sorry. Maybe you can get your money back, ”he told visitors, as seen in a video on YouTube.

“Please be understanding”

“It’s really no fun. You have no contact with the public. People walk around here all the time. (…) Please understand: as an artist there is nothing I can do under these circumstances. Then Schneider said, “The system is just threadbare and dumb. It’s not clear if it’s referring to the corona requirements in the pandemic for artists, for example.”

However, he wrote on Twitter: “Unconventional thinkers and co. May let their instrumentalisation get stuck: ‘Helge Schneider canceled the concert yesterday because the on-site catering was organized in such a way that he was constantly distracted by the catering staff who served at the seats have become. ‘”

For the distance in the beach chairs

At the “Strandkorb Open Air” festival there will be concerts in five Bavarian towns this summer – fans will be seated on open-air beach chairs. Visitors are assigned a fixed basket to keep their distance from others. There are also other measures to ensure that the public does not meet. Customers can order food and drinks directly from their baskets.

Schneider explained his behavior on Twitter on Saturday: “I broke up due to massive disruption from the food industry, which always sent its employees to the stage to provide drinks to the public.” He felt distracted and only found out later that these people were serving others.

“I have to be honest. I don’t want to do a fucking gig. And I don’t just go wild either. I also make things up during the concert. I also want to inspire people,” he said. he said in a video on Twitter and thanked those who had respected his decision.

Initially, it was not clear whether the 65-year-old would make up for his appearance at Augsburg. “I hope we will see each other on better terms,” ​​he said simply. It was only recently that Schneider complained about the sometimes great distance from the audience during certain performances.

The promoter of the concert and the management of Schneider could not be reached at first.