“Basically I always wanted to sing classical music,” Heino says. During his next tour, the folk musician will offer Mozart and Beethoven.

Nuremberg (dpa) – At almost 83 years old, folk music bard Heino returns to his classical roots. With the September “Heino goes Klassik” tour through 19 German cities, he wanted to put his vocal training as a young musician in the 1960s to good use, Heino said in Nuremberg.

The tour with organist Franz Lambert and violinist Yury Revich starts on September 27 at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig and ends on December 13 – Heino’s 83rd birthday – at the invitation of Dieter Hallervorden at the Schlossparktheater in Berlin.

In addition to a wide range of classical music with pieces by composers Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Tchaikovsky, a rock music excursion with a classical twist as well as Heino’s most popular hits and folk songs, which should also be classic note, said singer’s manager Helmut Werner.

“I lost the classics because I was discovered,” Heino said. At that time, his vocal training was not so extensive that he dared to do classical music in front of a large audience, and he ended up turning to folk music. Now he wants to go back to where he started. “Basically I always wanted to sing classical,” Heino said. Herbert von Karajan once confirmed to him: “I could use Heino, but of course without his dark glasses.”

The tour was already scheduled for 2020 and had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic. Initially, a 40-piece orchestra was planned – this could not be achieved this year either. Organist Lambert now takes his place.

The management and artists are ready to give two concerts per day if necessary – if Corona rules do not allow the number of tickets sold at the respective tour venue.