It’s Friday, and that means we have a weekend ahead of us where we can kick back, see family and friends, and relax on the couch while watching something. So nothing better than to review the news that Apple TV + offers us on the living room screen.

Love doesn’t exist without sorrow

This week’s premiere on Apple TV+ is ‘Heaven Is Everywhere’, a film starring Grace Kaufman and Jacques Colimon that tells the story of a teenage girl coping with the death of her sister while using her imagination to interpret what she feels in front of two boys. different. A sentimental exercise that arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As news of future releases, we have the advance of ‘Shining Girls’, an upcoming series in which Elizabeth Moss will have to discover the reasons why an attack she learned about is identical to the one she suffered a while ago. some time. There will be eight plot and sci-fi episodes that air on April 29.

From Variety we also read that Rashida Jones will star in another series called ‘Sunny’, in which a woman named Suzie will take care of a domestic robot who arrives at her home after her husband and son go missing in an accident. of plane. It will be a comedy with certain dark tones.

Also remember that ‘CODA’ received Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor. For the first time, a deaf person opts for this last price.

Don’t forget that today we also have new episodes of ‘The Afterparty’ and ‘Suspects’, so you have some content for a while if you decide to stay home this weekend. For the little ones, you also have the premiere of ‘Pretzel and her puppies’ as well as ‘Supersorda’ and ‘Los Fraguel, the fun continues’.