New iPhone these kings? If this is your case, then you will surely want to get the most out of the phone you just released. One important feature of the iPhone is that in addition to all the hardware it brings, you can enjoy it a lot more with all the possibilities offered by the applications in the App Store. It’s time to see some examples.

The App Store has countless apps, some better than others, some more useful than others, and some more fun than others. Out of all of them, we have compiled a few that provide different utilities for your new phone.

19 apps that will get the most out of your new iPhone

Leaving aside the classics (YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram …), we wanted to compile some interesting applications that allow us to better exploit the possibilities of the iPhone. Here are 19 iPhone apps you can download from the App Store:

Overcast: If you’re into listening to podcasts, this is one of the best players you’ll find. It’s free and it saves you a lot of time with its accelerated reading features. Download the App Store. Streaks: The start of a year is a great time to start building habits in our life. Streaks is the best app for that, hands down. The app has the advantage of integrating with Apple Health and also has a very intuitive interface to complement habits. You can read a more complete analysis. Download the App Store. Todoist: Apple Reminders is a very simple task manager, if you want something more advanced one of the more viable options is Todoist. This task manager is much more complete and with the task version, you will have more than enough. Download the App Store. Instapaper: A great app with exquisite design that will help you save articles and websites for later reading. Instapaper can be downloaded for free from the App Store and its extension will allow you to backup any website with just a few clicks. Download the App Store. 1Password: Now that you’ve got your iPhone out, it’s time to take digital security seriously. 1Password is a complete password manager that will allow you to organize everything and not use the same password for all your accounts. By the way, you can take a look at our full review and list of tips to get the most out of it. Download the App Store.

Musixmatch: An essential app if you want to discover new songs and especially if you want to have the lyrics of the songs you listen to on Spotify or Apple Music at your fingertips. You can do it through this trick of the app widget. Download the App Store.

Halide: A full-featured camera app that allows us to take more precise photos with manual controls if we want to. It is available on the App Store. Download the App Store.

Bring! : This app is great for making a shopping list quickly using icons, but it is perfect if you are shopping with your partner or family as it is synced for all the invited users on the list. Essential. Download the App Store. Lifecycle: lifecycle that you will love the longer you use it, as it will keep data on your most common locations and tell you how much time you spend in each location throughout the day, week, week, week, week. month and year. And no, it doesn’t consume any extra battery because it uses the data that the iPhone already collects automatically. Download the App Store. Outlook: As you hear, the best email manager currently in the App Store is Outlook. Microsoft app allows you to add emails from Gmail, Aol, Outlook, Hotmail and many other providers. It also integrates the calendar so that you have everything in one app. Download the App Store. Shortcuts: This Apple app is the most powerful of all, it allows you to automate your iPhone in order to save time with daily tasks. Take a look at our collection of shortcuts for ideas. Download the App Store. Documents: A complete file manager with which to manage documents from different clouds, compress and decompress files, view complex files … This is the file manager you have always been looking for on iOS and is available for free in the App Store. Download the App Store. Microsoft Translator: You will think Google’s translator is better than Bing’s, but the latter has a big advantage in its app for iOS: its extension allows you to translate any web page with just a few clicks. Download the App Store. Citymapper: If you use public transport, this app is the one that will give you the best information about the routes, lines and timetables in your city. It is available for free on the App Store. Download the App Store. Drafts: Take a look at our Drafts review to understand the true potential of this app. In a very summarized way, Drafts is an app that becomes your starting point for everything. The start of a message, a tweet, an email, a task … you just write it in Drafts and from there send it to any other app. Download the App Store. Bobby: We have more and more subscriptions to manage and Bobby is the best app for that. It will record all the subscriptions you have in a beautiful interface and let you know when you need to pay for each of them and how much you pay for each of them. Download the App Store. Scanbot: Your iPhone’s scanner is the camera. But unlike normal photos, Scanbot analyzes the image and automatically crops it so that only the document remains. It also aligns the image and changes the color settings so that the text is clear. Download the App Store. MiDGT :: is not an app that will win a design competition, but it is one of the essential utilities on an iPhone. With it, you can have your driving license on your iPhone, see your points and the cars that you have in your name. Download the App Store.

These are just a few of the apps you can install on your new iPhone to get the most out of it. Haven’t seen any games? That’s because we have a separate list just for games, which you should also check out, and if you’re really lost with the iPhone, check out our definitive tutorial guide.