Beijing, Ta. Sunday 30 January 2022

China, the world’s most populous country, is concerned about the declining population. The Chinese government is adopting new tactics to increase the population. Under which China had removed the one child policy from its country in August last year, but it does not seem to benefit China much. Now China has decided to provide many facilities to the couple having three children. Under these facilities, parents are being given baby bonus, payment of vacancy, tax relief, child care facility and some other benefits.

China is trying to seduce the couple

This was stated by Fabian Bussart, chairman of the Center for Political and Foreign Affairs of Israel. Chinese government officials have raised the bar to wake people up to have three children. Chinese authorities are also luring parents through the organization and local administration for a third child. Beijing Dabinong Technology Group is offering its employees a range of offers, including up to 90,000 yuan in cash, 12 months of maternity leave and 9 days of paternity leave. Apart from this, online travel company has also announced some benefits.

Chinese government is concerned about the declining population

Government and private companies have to do all this at the behest of the ruling Communist Party. The party is concerned about the declining youth population in the country and its impact on the country’s development. Because of this, President Xi Jinping aims to double the demand of producers in the country by 2035, which is also likely to be in trouble.