In Engadget, we have already talked about the advantages of WiFi 6 and mesh systems. With the right setup, you can get unmatched coverage and speed over a wireless connection, being the best solution in certain circumstances. Due to Black Friday, Amazon is downgrading its eero dual band WiFi 6 system to record levels.

The company is offering a 35% discount for its eero dual-band WiFi 6 system, which will cost 194 euros, up from the usual 299 euros. What is really cool about this offer is that the package includes three units, so we can create a mesh system throughout our house without much difficulty.

Amazon eero 6 Dual Band Mesh 6 Wi-Fi System with Integrated Zigbee Smart Smart Home Controller | 3 units

A system with a router and two extension cords

From Amazon, they assure that this system covers a total of 460 square meters and supports speeds of up to 500 Mb / s. This system is compatible with more than 75 devices and, according to the manufacturer, its configuration is done in a few minutes. In addition, these extenders have Alexa functions, so we will get the most out of it if we have this virtual assistant at home.

The eero WiFi 6 system also has Zigbee integration, so it will be easier to communicate between the different smart systems that we have at home, since it will also act as a controller. In this way, this extension cord performs two functions in one: providing a connection to our home and acting as a controller for other smart devices.

The system will update automatically to keep our network secure, and its cross compatibility with other hardware allows us to add smarter products to our home on this system.

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