The first volume of Harry Potter was released in 1997 – with an edition of just 500 copies. Most are no longer in good condition. But not at all.

Leyburn (AP) – A rare copy of “Harry Potter” has been auctioned in the north of England for 80,000 pounds (approximately 94,026 euros). The edition of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, the first volume in the famous series of books by Joanne K. Rowling, is considered rare due to some printing errors and therefore highly sought after by fans and collectors. , as was the case with the BBC on Thursday.

While many copies of the edition with only around 500 editions are said to have been damaged in the meantime, the auctioned book, which was originally sold from a Nottingham bookstore, is in “exceptional condition”, according to the report.

The Tennants auction house in Leyburn, in the north of England, previously expected up to £ 30,000 for this. The retail price is one of the highest on record for the bestselling British author’s books. Last year, an autographed copy of the same edition was sold at auction in Edinburgh for 125,000 pounds (approximately 146,917 euros).