Installing a speaker system or a home theater in the living room is sometimes complex, especially if you want them to go a little unnoticed with the rest of the decoration. Therefore, proposals like the one offered by Harman Kardon are attractive to users who are looking for a sound system with a clean and minimalist design.

This is the Radiance 2400 system, a wireless sound set made up of two ultra-thin towers to be placed on either side of the TV plus a subwoofer and a small hub or central control base where we find all connections of the equipment to other devices.

At a height of 1.8 meters, each tower is only 51 mm wide and 58 mm deep, giving it the appearance of a “needle” with a circular base where electronic components and amplifiers are housed. who are responsible for it. 24 x 1.25 inch speakers.

This set of woofers at such a small size is responsible for distributing the sound signal in the mid-highs throughout the room using Harman’s Constant Beamwidth technology, which the manufacturer claims is able to ensure that every viewer has the “same listening experience” regardless of your position in the room.

The subwoofer is also very compact and discreet in appearance, but inside it houses a 10-inch speaker with a 200-watt amplification stage which logically takes care of reproducing the low frequencies of the whole.

As for the hub or connection center, it is the element that, with a multimedia player aspect, it is necessary to place next to the television or devices such as a console, a DVD, a Blu-ray, a PC, etc. . if we want to use cables or directly wireless thanks to the compatibility with Chromecast and AirPlay.

You can control playback from the mobile applications of each music service, but also from a more than useful remote control in these cases with Bluetooth or directly from the LCD touch screen integrated into the hub.

Pricing and availability

Harman Kardon’s new Radiance 2400 sound system will go on sale in October for a price of around 4,000 euros.

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