In the latest edition of “Hape and the 7 Dwarf States”, Hape Kerkeling follows in the footsteps of the RTL media group, to which Vox – the home broadcaster of the travel series – belongs.

At Villa Louvigny, the former headquarters of Radio Télévision Luxembourg, the host meets news journalist Ulrike von der Groeben (“RTL aktuell”). Along with the 64-year-old, the 57-year-old remembers the German branch of RTL, which has existed since 1984. In 1962 and 1966, the musical performances “Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson” (now Eurovision Song Contest de la chanson) took place in the villa in the center of Luxembourg city, which was used by RTL until 1991. Today, the Ministry of Health is located there.

Later in the episode, Kerkeling meets Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn on a bicycle. The 72-year-old tells him that he cycles about 12,000 kilometers each year. The Social Democrat is an experienced European politician and the European Union’s longest-serving foreign minister – in office since 2004.

“Paws off the table!” “

Kerkeling also gives a reading of his book “Paws off the table! My cats, other cats and me ”in front of an animal audience, namely rather disinterested cats. And he welcomed the regulations according to which in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg public holidays falling on a Sunday are caught on another day.

The visit of Georges Christen, who holds several Guinness Book records as the strongest man in the world, is hard to believe. The 59-year-old man tears up Kerkeling’s phone books, bends his fingernails and rolls up a frying pan. Finally, he uses his teeth to pick up a structure on a chain that Kerkeling is sitting on. “I’ll tell you when the camera is off how much I weigh,” Kerkeling jokes, incredulous of the powerful action.

Why seven dwarf states?

The series “Hape and the 7 Dwarf States” airs Sunday evenings on Vox since November 21. It has led to Malta, Liechtenstein, Vatican State, Monaco and San Marino and, in the New Year, Andorra and Luxembourg, which with almost 2,600 square kilometers is not a real Miniature state and is much larger than the Vatican (0.44 square kilometers) or Monaco (2.1 square kilometers). But he really wanted to have Luxembourg in his streak, says Kerkeling. Moreover, the gag with the seven dwarves and dwarf states would hardly have worked otherwise.

According to Vox, the opening sequence Malta had the most viewers for linear broadcast with around 1.7 million, followed by Monaco with 1.6 million and Liechtenstein with 1.4 million. (dpa)