Berlin / London (dpa) – Composer Hans Zimmer (63) wrote the music for many films. Not only in his work, he appreciates peace and quiet.

“The most beautiful sound in the world is actually silence,” Zimmer of the German news agency said in a video interview from London. In the silence he could make up noises in his head which, after a while, turned into sounds and melodies. When he writes, he hardly ever listens to other music.

Born in Germany, Zimmer is one of the most famous film composers. It won an Oscar in the 1990s for the soundtrack to “The Lion King” and was also nominated for “Rain Man”, “The Narrow Ridge” and “Dunkirk”. The music for the new “James Bond” movie “No Time to Die” is also from Zimmer. He wants to go on tour again next year.

Is there suitable music for him for everyday things, say brushing his teeth? “Not at all. I can’t do anything with the music playing in the background. Then I listen right away and I completely forget what to do,” Zimmer said. “So your teeth will definitely not be brushed. I just stop with the toothbrush and listen properly first. “

Concerts are planned for 2022 in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart, among others. In his own words, he calmly considers that Zimmer is always excited before performances. At the beginning it is a sacrifice to take the step on stage. “And I’m not taking the step either, I’m being pushed,” Zimmer said. Sometimes his turn manager takes care of it, sometimes he does it himself.

Zimmer was born in Frankfurt / Main and now lives in the USA. His school days were rather unusual: he was kicked out of school several times. “But it was just a misunderstanding,” Zimmer said jokingly. You have to see it from a musician’s point of view. The most important word in music is “to play”. “And then he went to school and all of a sudden the game was supposed to end. I didn’t understand that at all, ”Zimmer said. In his opinion, today we must take life in a somewhat playful way.

Due to the pandemic, theaters had been closed for a long time – the start of several films was delayed. Since the last tour he’s made a lot of new movies that no one has seen, Zimmer said. For example the new title “James Bond”, but also “Dune”. They would benefit a lot from it during the tour. He also found new musicians to whom he added. “It never gets smaller – it just keeps getting bigger.” In his own words, Zimmer wants to show people something that will cheer them up during a pandemic.