After winning the Oscar, Halle Berry had high hopes that some things would fundamentally change in Hollywood. Your expectations were disappointed.

Los Angeles (AP) – American actress Halle Berry claims she had to fight for her place even after winning an Oscar in Hollywood in 2002.

“It was surprising,” the 54-year-old told American magazine “Entertainment Weekly”, reviewing the roles that had been offered to her after her great success with the drama “Monster’s Ball”.

“When you win a historic victory like this, you think, ‘Oh, this is going to be a major upheaval. “It actually changed me drastically, but it didn’t change my place in the business overnight.” As a black woman, she should have kept fighting and was forced to take on roles that she didn’t like, so Berry. “As a black woman, I haven’t always had roles that I absolutely love.”

In 2002, Berry was the first – and to date the only – black woman to receive the Oscar for Best Leading Actress for “Monster’s Ball.” For the movie “Bruised”, which will air on Netflix from the end of November, Berry was not only in front of the camera as an actress, but also as a director for the first time.