Wellington, 30 January 203, Thursday

The country of New Zealand is known worldwide for its agriculture and dairy industry. Last August, a giant potato from a field near the capital, Hamilton, weighed 4.5 kilograms. Two farmers, Colin and Donna Craig Brown, worked hard to get this giant potato out of the ground. Both named this particular type of potato as Dog. This duggi caught the attention of the world due to its size and also held the title of heaviest potato in the world. The first potato test was done at Colin’s house. A small piece of potato did not make any difference in the taste.

Scientists have decided to conduct a DNA test to find out if there is anything else resembling a potato. The plum is naturally produced in such a way that it will feel like it has been genetically modified. However, Colin and Donna Brown denied any genetic alterations. However, scientists are willing to cooperate in any experiment to dispel their doubts.

However, they are also concerned that the dugout will lose weight if the investigation takes longer as it was excavated in August. The potatoes are currently being stored in an air-conditioned environment. According to the information received, the previous record of 4.5 kg of potato was recorded in the Greenwich Book of World Records, which set a new record in the world.